How Does This Work Then?
A typical mural project process, step by step

1) Consultation

After your initial enquiry, the first step would usually be me coming out to take photos and measure up your wall / van / whatever you want me to paint.

Also we can then have a chat through your overall ideas for the design.

2) Inspiration

If you can send me some images or colours that sum up the overall feeling you would like your mural to convey, then I can use these to pull together a mood board - not to copy but for inspiration. This is really helpful, but I can work just from a verbal brief if need be.

3) Mockup

Having been briefed on your requirements, next I will digitally work up the mural design for you, and photoshop it onto pictures of your actual wall / vehicle etc, so that you can get an idea of how it will look in place.

<-- This is an example of one of my digital mockups .

NB these mockups are for illustration only, as it will never be possible to 100% replicate a digital drawing at full scale using paints, but I will deliver a final result that is as close to the mockup as can be. You can see photos of the final painted result from this mockup here, for comparison.

A deposit will need to be paid at this stage as these mockups can be time intensive, but this initial payment will be taken back off your final bill once the mural is completed.

4) Quote / Materials Cost Payment

When you have signed off the final design mockup and are happy to proceed, I can then price up the materials for the job. The paint cost primarily depends on how many different different types and colours of paint are needed to replicate the design. Plus any special products needed such as primer or topcoat.

I will then invoice you for the price of the materials required to deliver the job, at cost, and once this has been paid, will get the paint ordered in. At the same time, I will calculate how long the job is likely to take to actually paint so that I can confirm your overall price expectation, and book your painting day(s) into my diary (weather permitting for outdoor jobs!).

5) Painting Process - Doodle Grid

When the time comes to start painting, I will first prep the surface if necessary (eg a raw rendered wall will need a couple of coats of masonry paint, a van will need all its windows etc covered and potentially a light sand and a coat of primer, and so on) - and then I will usually paint a "doodle grid" over part or all of the surface to be painted.

This looks like a total mess, I know, but don't worry!! It is just a technique to generate reference points to transfer the design up onto the wall, and I promise that none of it will be visible in the final mural.

6) Painting Process - Transfer Design

The next step is to overlay the sketch over the doodle grid in Photoshop, and then use this compound image as a reference, so that I can chalk up the design in detail onto the wall, maintaining perspective and accuracy.

7) Painting Process - Colour!

Finally we get to the fun part! Painting the wall an element at a time, from the background to the foreground, bringing it to life. Like a giant version of those meditative colouring books that were all the rage 10 years ago :).

Once the job is completed, I will invoice you for the remainder of your outstanding payment, minus your original deposit amount. And you then get to enjoy your new mural for years to come.

Videos of me painting indoor and outdoor paintings from start to end:

The timelapse videos below show my full painting process for both indoor and outdoor walls, each compressed into around 3 minutes: